LaraExplore more ways for you to live Authentically, Experience Optimal Levels of Energy, Learn how to offset the effects of stress (and what it really does to your much needed Adrenals), Reverse the Killers:  Inflammation, Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Resistance Syndrome and Live each day with Abundant Joy as a Result!

• Are you constantly craving sweets & carbs and want to understand why?

• Do you want to regain control over your cravings & end the vicious cycle once and for all?

• Are your old eating habits not quite working for you as they once did--and the pounds are piling on?

• Is your energy lagging?

• Do you feel your middle expanding and you're not really doing anything differently?

• Are you feeling like you've let your Health go because you're so busy taking care of everyone around you?

• Do you simply want to educate yourself further with regards to our Planet's SuperFoods, the critical importance of phytonutrients, ways to reduce inflammation in order to avoid disEASE such as Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer?

• Are you one of those people who really does eat less than most, yet seems to continue gain weight, and have given up?  If this is you, know that it is not your imagination, there really is a name for this and you can stop it in its tracks.  It's called Metabolic Syndrome and I can help guide you toward understanding this and how to fight back--and WIN!!

• Do you want to reverse your Insulin Resistance and unlock your Authentic Self once and for all?

As a result of a culmination of things in my Life (such as major illness, a sports injury, lactose intolerance, severe hypoglycemia, refusing red meat at the age of 12, developing a sugar and gluten intolerance later in life--and all the pains associated with each, going undiagnosed! And if you've had the unpleasant experience with any of these, then you clearly understand that statement! ), I can absolutley say that  I understand and can empathize 100% with those individuals who are faced with food restrictions and most critically, for you, the "WHY" behind it all!

It really is abundantly joyful when I see a person finallly "get" why consuming cow's milk or cow's meat might not be the most suitable for their Body or our Planet and understanding the direct link between sugar and cancer, heart disEASE, diabetes and obesity.  Or when an individual makes the connection with gluten and their intestinal ailments, which left untreated can lead to various cancers of the stomach.

Through the skills that I've been blessed with, I can help you achieve the balance in your Life which is required in order to meet what your Soul is craving.  In doing do, you will be eliminating so many things that you think you might be craving, particularly external food cravings, which we often mistake as real hunger when we are out of balance and lacking focus.  When this occurs, it can lead us to overeating and a plethora of self.defeating habits, self.judgment and patterns of behaviour your Soul yearns to break free of.  And when this occurs, when you are focused on your Core Self, and nourishing your physical Body, the exess pounds effortlessly melt away!

Should you choose to take this path, you will experience abundant levels of energy, optimize your health and well being, learn to combat disEASE and will become so Intuitive, you can't help but to understand clearly that you are now experiencing your Authentic Self! And all of the abundant joys and miracles that occur as you focus on your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is and always has been guiding you toward and waiting patiently for you to identify your true Life's Calling and once and for all, pursue your Life's Purpose.

Ask yourself if it's time for you to live so authentically with yourself that everything in your Life just flows so naturally, and with the greatest of ease.  Is it time for you to allow your days to just flow with ease and grace and abundant levels of joy? And if you truly do have excess pounds, they will just naturally fall away because you no longer have a purpose for them.  They've done their job and the story you've been telling yourself as to why you needed them in the first place is no longer the story you will be telling yourself.  Why? Because you are ready to be completely truthful with yourself. 

As you gracefully flow through the process with me, you will quickly learn that it was never about the weight.  It is about the weight, but it isn't.  It's about so much more than that.  And oh, by the way?  You are taking the self loving path toward achieving optimal levels of energy, vitality, health and you're preventing major disEASE!  If you've already developed disEASE?  It's okay, we can work toward reversing!

If you are feeling moved as you read, which you will instinctively just know from within, I invite you to complete a complementary health history form and submit it to me.  It will be held in the strictest of confidentiality.  From there, we can arrange a time to discuss your complete health history.  Think about that:  When was the last time you discussed what your real health concerns are with a Health Practitioner over the slow pace of a full hour?  What bothers you, what health concerns are on your mind the most?  You can find the health history form under the Health History Form tab and submit it directly to me from there.

Or if you're not quite ready to make the leap and you need to contemplate it more, feel free to sign up for my newsletter.  It's free and it is full of forward thinking nutritional information; information covering things from phytonutrients to macronutrients and micronutrients to SuperFoods as well as Lifestyle advice for everyone, regardless of your age.

The great news is:  with either step that you choose to take, you are setting forth the intention within your Universe that you fully desire to make the change and that truly want to live with your Authentic Self!



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